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ASISTA brings you an AI-driven platform, revolutionizing how your enterprise operates. Experience enhanced efficiency and productivity across all domains with our comprehensive workflow automation solutions.

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    Our Core Workflow Automation Solutions

    Customer Support

    Customer Service Workflow Automation

    24/7 Customer Support: Harness the power of AI to provide round-the-clock service.

    Automated Responses: Streamline customer interactions with intelligent, automated responses.

    Feedback Analysis: Utilize AI to analyze customer feedback for continuous improvement.

    Customer Support

    Field Service Workflow Automation

    Assign tasks easily to individual field agents or to field teams.
    Track and manage support tickets and set schedules, appointments and deadlines.
    Support your field agents with real-time collaboration with help desk agents.
    Give field agents better issue context so that they can solve issues faster.
    Monitor field agent activity in order to boost productivity.

    Customer Support
    Customer Support

    Employee Service Workflow Automation

    Provide consistant value-added services to your customers, agents or employees with ASISTA’s Enterprise Service Management Solution while you align yourself with service management standards.

    Expand your service management beyond IT services to include HR, Finance, Legal, Facilities and much more, all with one platform!

    • Self-Service Portal
    • Knowledgebase Management
    • Service Request Management
    • SLA Management
    • Dashboards & Reports
    • CSAT Surveys
    • Requests Automation
    Customer Support

     IT Service Workflow Automation

    Asista’s IT Service Management Solution optimizes IT processes and aligns operations with ITIL standards, enhancing agent efficiency and experience. Key features include:

    Comprehensive ITSM Capabilities: Offers tools for incident, request, problem, and change management, ensuring streamlined IT operations.
    Self-Service & Knowledge Management: Empowers users with self-help options and access to a knowledge base, reducing the workload on IT staff.
    Advanced Analytics & Automation: Features like SLA management, dashboards, reports, CSAT surveys, and ticketing automation facilitate better decision-making and service delivery.

    Customer Support
    Customer Support

    Revenue & Growth Focused Automation

    Sales Process Automation: Streamline your sales pipeline for faster closures.
    Market Analysis Tools: Leverage AI for real-time market trends and analysis.
    Customer Journey Mapping: Automate and optimize the customer journey for increased sales.

    Elevate Your Business Efficiency

    Discover the Future of Intelligent Workflow Automation

    Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

    Customizable Workflow Design

    Real-Time Analytics and Reporting

    Robust Security and Compliance Management

    Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

    Cloud-Based Scalability

    Unleash Business Brilliance – Boost Revenue, Productivity, and Satisfaction Sky-High!

    Experience a business revolution with a 35% revenue boost, 40% increase in workforce productivity, 25% savings in service management costs, and a soaring 90% customer satisfaction rate. Transform your business efficiently and effectively.


    Significant Boost in Revenue


    Reduction in Service Management Costs


    Workforce Productivity Growth


    Customer Satisfaction Rate
    Kalyan Jewellers Customer
    Fuji Electric
    NTT Data
    Aditya Birla Grasim

    ASISTA has enabled our IT response team to move to centralised support, automated call routing leading to staff optimisation and cost saving and also improved our service response promptness leading to accountable service delivery. This has helped to reach employee centricity & high level of employee delight.

    Arul Kirubaharan S

    Manager - IT Department, Fuji Electric India Private Limited

    We are glad to inform that ASISTA has been instrumental in enabling the IT support team to respond to employees efficiently to resolve their services issues. We have seen a remarkable improvement in CSAT levels due to better responsiveness by the IT support team. 

    Raj Keshri

    Assistant Manager, Aditya Birla Group - Domestic Textiles Jayashree Textiles | Grasim Industries Limited

    We are extremely happy after using ASISTA for our customer operations as ASISTA has been instrumental in enabling out consultants to respond and cater to customer requests and queries efficiently. We have seen a remarkable improvement in Customer Satisfaction as well as Consultant productivity.

    Parichay Joshi

    Chief Executive Officer, In2IT Enterprise Business Services Pvt Ltd