Frequently Asked Questions by Businesses

01. What is Asista?

Asista is an intelligent business solution that gives you a single window to interact with your customers and clients. With Asista, you can seamlessly address customers’ issues, manage client and internal assets, automate processes and boost the productivity of your agents. Check out what you can do with Asista here.

02. Is there a Free Version in Asista's Price Plans?


Asista has a Helpdesk Free Plan to help you get a taste of its capabilities.

Like all reputed business solution systems, Asista comes at a nominal price based on your business’ unique needs. We cater to small, medium and large business requirements, as is shown on our pricing page.

03. Does Asista come with a free trial?


An Asista trial is currently available against our Helpdesk Lite Plan.Click here to Request Trial.

Do reach out to us with your requirement and we will be happy to assist you.

04. How much does Asista Cost?

Asista’s cost varies based on your requirement. We have plans that cater to small, medium and large businesses with add-ons that make each plan even more interesting. Learn more about our costs by looking through our pricing plans.

05. Is Asista a sales product or is it a support product?

While we prefer to say that Asista is a business solution, you could classify it as either a support product or a sales product. On the support side, Asista lets you improve your business’ service levels, retain customers, automate tasks for a quicker turnaround and helps you provide complete business assistance with its power-packed features. On the sales side, Asista’s chat bots improve customer interaction and retention, bagging new customers from competition when they reach out to you.

06. Is Asista a CRM?

The Asista business solution could be used as a CRM if you so desire. Asista comes loaded with customer-centric features, ticket management tools and automations that help you provide your customers intelligent support.

07. Why should I choose Asista for my business?

The success of a business has a lot to do with the tools it uses to manage clients and customers. Asista provides an end-to-end collaborative solution that helps your business cater to your growing customer base and scale as your business grows. Asista’s secure, feature rich solutions let you provide pro-active support that is always available.

08. How is Asista different from other products or software?

We are glad you asked us this question! Contrary to our competitors, Asista goes beyond the norm to provide you a complete business solution. Our intelligent and user-friendly tools include not just a ticket management system, but easy app integration, automations and customizations and Bot solutions that help you give your customers the best possible service. Integrating seamlessly with social media and business software, Asista lets you focus on all customer and client verticals, rather than just a few.

09. How does Asista work?

Asista works by pooling together deceptively simple yet unbelievably powerful features that simplify your customer support process. Running on secure servers and with round-the-clock availability, Asista acts as a bridge between your business and your customer, and your clients and your business, for solutions that work. Asista integrates with commonly-used apps and software to let you stay alert to your customers’ needs and provide efficient, proactive support.

10. How does Asista work with social platforms?

Asista integrates seamlessly with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to convert business-related posts or tweets into requests within the system. Any updates you make will be posted to relevant social platforms as comments, enhancing customer interaction and giving your customers a seamless support experience.

11. Which Asista plan is best suited for my business?

The right plan for your business depends on your specific business needs. Our basic Helpdesk Free Smart plan is ideal if you’re looking primarily for a ticket management solution. This plan lets you offer multi-channel support, automate incoming tickets and handle your custom knowledge base seamlessly. Request a trial for the Smart plan here.


The Intelligent plan includes enhanced multi-workflow, automation features and external app integration support to make your Asista solution more powerful. See how the Intelligent plan works for you by requesting a trial here.


The ultimate Genius plan packs in both these plans’ features and provides you with a Service Level Agreement  (SLA) that helps you build the trust of your customers as you deliver on your promises over and over again. Try out the Genius plan here.


These plans also comes with Add-Ons such as asset and product support that allow you to push the limits of the solution you choose. Do take a look at our pricing page for a glimpse into individual features with each plan.

12. Which customers are using Asista?

The power of Asista has been put to full use by our leading customers from those in the banking sector to medical services. Our customers include HCL, L&T, BSNL, MVR, ITCS, and ConServe.

13. How secure is Asista?

We love to flaunt the fact that Asista has Fort Knox-like security for data protection. We’ve packed in features such as single sign-on, redundant backups, and secure TLS layer with encrypted stores to let you sleep in peace while your data stays safe.

14. What are the features of Asista and how can I get more features?

Asista packs in features such as user-centric support, asset-centric support, personalization, social connect, e-mail connect, adaptable workflows, app integration and Bots. You also get to personalize your knowledge base and update it easily. Asista is a scalable business solution, giving you flexibility and ease of use.

If a specific feature that you’re looking for is not listed on our features page, do write to us and we will be happy to help.

15. Can I customize Asista to my brand?

Your brand is your identity. This is why we have made Asista customizable to your brand. Apart from setting color schemes of your choice, you can customize your instance of the Asista portal to include your logo, tweak the design, set a personalized introductory message, customize your portal name and time zone, among other settings. Additionally, you can also use friendly labels to match with your business terminology and make using the system easier for customers.

16. How do I create a new account with Asista?

To create a new account with Asista, simply request a trial and we will help you get started with the plan that suits your business’ requirements to perfection.

17. I need more information. How do I get it?

We are happy you would like to have more information and we are eager to assist you. Please use the contact form to drop us a note about your query and we will get back to you on priority.

18. How many agents can I have?

You can have as many agents using Asista as you’d want to. Do note, though, that your cost per agent varies based on the plan you choose, and any add-on features.

19. Can I integrate Asista with my website?

Yes. Certain features of Asista, such as the request form, can be integrated with your website. To make things simple for you, we’ve included an easy-to-use widget. Simply copy and paste the widget code into the HTML section of your website page and you’re good to go.

20. Can I integrate Asista with my application?

Asista uses an API to integrate seamlessly with your messaging tools and business software. Complement SAP or Slack or Your Custom application with Asista and engage with your customers while on the go.

21. Does Asista support an SDK?

The Android and iOS versions of the Asista SDK are with our brightest minds right now and are coming soon. Stay tuned to experience their complete potential.

22. Does Asista have a mobile app for Android or Apple iOS?

Yes. Asista has a mobile app for Agents on Android and your Agents can start using it right away from the Google PlayStore. This app lets your Agents manage, handle and reply to customer requests from their mobile devices, no matter where they are.

Our iOS app is under development and is coming soon.

23. What kind of chat bot features does Asista have?

Asista offers various types of chat bots that you can use for your business. Asista’s Answer Bot makes answering frequently asked questions a breeze if you train it for your specific business process. If you’d like a bot with more capabilities, our Multifunctional Bot will wow you. Idea for support and any other internally-defined business process, this bot helps you save time while providing intelligent business solutions.