Field Service

Helps you align on-the-ground activity needs – customers, field agents and help desk staff – with its field-agent module and app.

Field agents have the unenviable yet crucial task of on-ground issue resolution and need a clear picture of the defective asset, customer history and prior communication. Oftentimes, connectivity or insufficient information may prevent speedy resolution and customer satisfaction.

What Is It All About?

Asista can help you with this with its field agents module and mobile app.

  • Connect your agents amongst each other.
  • Connect agents with your business, real-time.
  • Collaborate easily to resolve customer issues.
field service automation
field service automation service provider

What Can You Do With It?

Create and manage on-ground field teams seamlessly with Asista’s field agent module and app.

  • Assign tasks easily to individual field agents or to field teams.
  • Track and manage support tickets and set schedules, appointments and deadlines.
  • Support your field agents with real-time collaboration with help desk agents.
  • Give field agents better issue context so that they can solve issues faster.
  • Monitor field agent activity in order to boost productivity.

How can it help field agents?

Field agents’ productivity goes up with the agent app which allows them to manage their time better.

Your agents can:

  • On-ground team tracks pending issues easily.
  • Daily schedule management is simple.
  • Easier to locate customers and navigate to their location.
  • Provide live update and upload photographs.
  • Get support on the go.
field service application

How can it help your business?

System Integrators

Secure your customers’ physical infrastructure or virtual environments with scheduled asset evaluation. The field agent app helps your agents schedule customer location visits and asset maintenance or repair.

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Provide on-demand assistance to corporate or individual account holders with a strong field team. Asista’s mobile agent app makes scheduling visits simple, empowered with detailed customer information.


Support your customers on the ground with a field team that is ready to address product or order issues. The field agent app makes navigating to customer locations simple for order deliver, status updation and issue resolution.


Streamline home visits or asset maintenance at hospital branches with Asista’s mobile agent app. SLA-based support ensures that human error is avoided and issues are handled efficiently in this life-saving field of work.


Provide direct support on products post sales with your team of trained field agents. Asista’s field agent app lets your agents view a product or customer’s detailed history, enabling them to provide better support and quicker resolution.

Automobile Service

Enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales when your field support team addresses customer concerns directly. The mobile agent app track activity against issues, helps agents prioritize their assigned tasks and keeps customers happy.

How Asista Helps?

Simply put Asista is an intelligent service automation platform designed to be cross-functional, collaborative & socially-intelligent. With this service automation platform you can simplify your business processes and bridge the gap between your teams, customers and assets.

Asista enables organizations to achieve higher customer lifetime value and greater employee productivity with an integrated service automation platform.


Simplify your business processes and connect your teams, customers and basic assets.


Empower your field agents with a seamless mobile application & always fulfill your SLAs.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your assets with full-lifecycle Advanced Asset Management.


Optimize your IT processes with Asista ITSM to make your agents more efficient.

field service application