ASISTA guarantees each enterprise experiences confidentiality, safety, and data protection across the platform. Our thorough application assessments ensures your day-to-day customer engagements are always secure!

Custom SSL Certificates

The default SSL certificate guarantees secure access and exchange of information between web browsers and web servers. Alternatively, you can configure a custom URL & custom SSL for it within 72 hours.

Two-Factor Auth (2FA)

By adding an extra layer of verification beyond passwords, 2FA ensures your sensitive information stays safe. It’s an effective way to protect against unauthorized access, reducing the risk of cyber threats like phishing.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify and streamline secure login by setting up SSO for your users. Allow agents and users to use their existing credentials by configuring SSO to work with your existing Active Directory database.

IP Whitelisting

Restrict login access to your ASISTA  platform via IP Whitelisting. You could restrict logins to happen only via your office network addresses, or allow for few agents to access it outside the network by whitelisting a VPN.

API Security

Simplified API security with RESTful architecture that allows developers to expose web services safely with robust OAuth & JWT authentication. API requests are authorized using OAuth2 & ends at an API Gateway thus securing lower level databases and business logic.


Give your customers their right to privacy with GDPR-ready features in ASISTA. Simplify customer data access inquiries, fulfill end-user and agent profile removal requests, as well as requests for exporting  user data.

Secure Architecture

Built on top of a highly secure architecture with multi-tiered data security & end-to-end product lifecycle security. Highly scalable DNS & platform load balancing optimizes traffic routing & distribution to the best available zones & endpoints.