Dear Customer,

It’s been a while since you heard from Team Asista and we have some exciting updates to share with you.

We’ve been actively working on rolling out new features that will make working with your Asista tenant much simpler, and one such feature is the Supervisor Rule for ticket events.

This new feature makes it much simpler for supervisors to set rules for tickets based on specific conditions, saving a lot of time on repetitive, manual tasks related to ticket management and moderation.

To start using this new feature, head over to Supervisor Rule under your Asista tenant’s Productivity & Collaboration settings.

Enabling or disabling this feature applies all rules globally.

You can create new rules by clicking the Create Rule button.

Give the new rule a name. (Hint: Opt for a name that’s makes it easy to understand what the rule is all about without having to go into details.)

Define the new rule’s conditions and save the rule.

All new rules are enabled by default. To disable an individual rule, simply click the toggle option against the rule.

Are you excited to get started with this new feature?

Log in to your Asista tenant and start configuring the new rules!

As always, we are happy to get feedback from you at

Team Asista