“Customers are more demanding than ever. They have more power than they used to. They are smarter and have higher expectations than ever before.” – Forbes

It is true that the customers today are actively seeking to include their digital interactions into daily activities. With customers demanding more than ever, trends in customer service operations software are also changing. It has become increasingly important to engage with the customers on their terms and therefore businesses are working hard to introduce ways and techniques for effective customer engagement. Here are some of the latest trends in the field of customer service operation software.

Social Media Integration

Today, the true power of social media is influence and that is what every enterprise is aware of and wants to make most of. It is one of the most effective ways to connect with the target audience and make your presence felt. You can now integrate your customer service support with social media platforms and can instantly listen and respond to your customers in real-time. With every such real-time interaction, you could prevent customer complaints, support and help your customer with a solution, improve customer satisfaction and ultimately increase retention rates.

Thanks to IT geeks, better and more powerful integration has become achievable and promising. It is now relatively easy to integrate your customer service support with popular social media platforms.

The Power of the Smartphone

With smartphones becoming an inevitable part of our lives, there had to be a way for businesses to interact with their customers on the go. That is where mobile application integration plays its role by empowering the enterprises and enabling them to provide on-the-go customer service via mobile phones. Yet another tested formula to increase customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Self-Service Tools and AI Chatbots

Who doesn’t like independence and freedom to choose? Well, consider this. Have you ever walked around a supermarket and was completely put-off by the salesperson constantly walking behind you offering unwanted help? That can be true even in the case of your digital customers. This is where intelligent self-service tools and AI (artificial intelligence) based chatbots can play an important role. These tools are increasingly replacing manual queries. They allow customers to be independent, get answers to their queries, and definitely cuts- down on valuable manpower.

It is well understood that companies using AI allow the software to handle tasks without human oversight. Therefore, a digital self-service tool is engaged to ensure that AI delivers the right materials to customers at the time of interaction. Certainly in trend!

Multi-Channel Support

It is true that customers have become more demanding and have higher expectations than ever before. But again, the need of the hour is to give them what they want, even when it comes to the way they want to interact with the businesses. Hence, the upcoming trend in customer service operations software is multi-channel support. The objective of multi-channel support is to provide customers with choices on how they would like to communicate with a brand. It involves managing all customer interactions coming from multiple channels.

Needless to say, even though you may offer your customers multiple channels, it is important to present a unified face to the customer, because customers hate repeating themselves. Providing a joined-up customer experience can be a massive challenge for a lot of companies, but the intent and trend is definitely catching up.

Asista Can Help!

Your aim as a business is to provide customer satisfaction and ultimately retain as many customers as possible. The increase can be daunting as the competition is tough and the digital world is not so forgiving. This is where you can make the most by using our Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). You can integrate it with your business application to broadcast real-time communications over email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and Slack, as well as push notifications to Android and iOS devices, all at one time. This is what we promised on our website as well and we are determined not to let you down.