Today, 20th September, 2018 is yet another milestone for us! We have successfully released our much awaited New User Interface to your Asista Application.

The feature-packed New User Interface is built to offer ease-of-use and a pleasant experience to your customers as they browse through your Asista Application. A few beneficial features are listed below:

New Modern Design

Home Page - Asista User UI

The new User Interface is designed keeping User Interaction and User Experience in mind. The placement of elements, the fonts used and the tactful use of white space give the User Interface a sleek and modern look. It is easy on the eye and is sure to give the user a pleasant experience while using the application.

Mobile Responsive

Home Page - Asista User UI Mobile version

The new User Interface is designed to be mobile responsive as well, so your customers get a personalized experience not just on the desktop but across a range of devices be it tablet or mobile.

Light Weight

The new User Interface is super light and only needs an initial one-time download of necessary files for the application to run. This feature makes the User Interface ideal for users who have a slow internet connection.


Coach Marks - Asista User UI

New users visiting your application need not be worried about the sudden change in User Interface design. The new User Interface will assist them with coach-marks to help them traverse through the application and familiarize themselves with it. Currently, coach-mark is enabled for primary pages only, namely, Home Page, My Requests Page, Request Detail Page and User Profile Page.

My Requests State Dashboard

My Requests Dashboard - Asista User UI

Users can easily traverse through their requests with an easy-to-use concise State Dashboard. Using the dashboard they can get a quick overview of their requests’ statuses and even filter them based on the status of the request.

My Requests Sorting

My Requests Sorting - Asista User UI

The new Sorting feature on the My Requests Page will allow users to sort their requests in ascending or descending order based on the request id, last update date or create time. This will give them more control over their requests, helping them identify the requests that need attention and the ones that have been handled.

Additional Application Features

a. Knowledge Base: Easily traverse through related KB Topics and KB Articles.
b. My Requests: Change the State and Priority of a Request right on the Request Listing Page and even add a Quick Comment on the go.

We are sure that you will have fun using the new User Interface, and it will definitely put a smile on your customers’ face.

For any queries please feel free to Contact Us: ☎ +080 41 313329 / ✉


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