Dear Customer,

Greetings from Team Asista!

We would like to keep you updated on the soon to be released design improvements in your Asista Agent Portal.

What can you expect?

To simplify the way your agents communicate with your customers on their tickets, we have improved the design of the comment box and the chat window. Here is a small glimpse:

You will notice on the screenshots a more compact comment box without the frills. The format button can be clicked for additional formatting tools if needed. Additionally, the chat order has been reversed to keep the latest comment update at the bottom of the screen. This has been done to match the user experience that you are already familiar with in standard messaging apps.

When can you expect it?

This release has been scheduled for this week and you can expect it to be live soon. We will keep you posted on its status.

So stay tuned!

We are listening for your feedback

Team Asista