Dear Customer,

Greetings from Team Asista!

We are “HAPPY” to release a new feature that will give your Asista application a super-boost. Get ready to explore Happy Codes!

Prior to the adoption of Happy Codes, other than an agent closing a ticket, there was no way to confirm whether the ticket had been actually completed to your customer’s satisfaction. You probably had a back-office team make an actual call or send out an e-mail to your customer to confirm that the issue has been resolved.

Now, you can configure Asista to send your customers a “Happy Code” (an OTP via SMS, an e-mail or both) on a particular ticket state change event. You can set when a code is sent to your customer and when the code is validated, via Ticket Settings on your Asista tenant.

In the above scenario, your customers receive the code when their ticket state is changed to Assigned. The ticket can be closed, or marked as Resolved, only when your customer provides the engineer or support personnel with this code.

The Happy Code SMS template is completely customizable, and you can edit it to match your brand voice.

You can choose whether to send your customers SMS or e-mail notifications with their Happy Code. Should you wish to notify them via e-mail, the e-mail template is easily customizable as well.

Do feel free to explore this new feature and set it up for your Asista tenant.

As always, we welcome your feedback at

Team Asista