Dear Customer,

Hello from Team Asista!

We’re thrilled to let you know that we’ve released yet another feature that we are sure will bring a smile to your customers’ faces. Prepare to captivate your customers and enhance service levels with enhanced Customer Satisfaction Surveys, controllable within each ticket.

Prior to the launch of this new feature, you’ve probably had a much more tedious task to verify whether your customers were happy with the resolutions provided. Even then, there was always a chance that a few customers would be missed out and there would be crucial gaps in your team’s service quality.

Now, though, with the introduction of Customer Satisfaction Surveys from within tickets, your agents can send out a survey to customers when each ticket is resolved. This makes it much easier to gauge how happy your customers are (or are not) with your services, and get feedback for every resolution provided.

To get started, head over to CSAT on your Asista Tenant.

Check the Send Survey From Agent Portal field to allow your agents to send customers a survey at the end of each ticket resolution.

You can choose from an existing survey or create your own survey, here.

As always, you can customize the e-mail template in which your survey is sent to customers.

Enable the survey you’d like to make available to your customers.

Your agents will now be able to send your customers the survey from within each ticket detail.

Are you excited to try out this new feature?

Do explore the enhanced Customer Satisfaction Surveys on your Asista tenant.

Of course, we’d love to hear your feedback at

Team Asista