Digitize, Automate & Autonomize your Enterprise

Partner with ASISTA to empower your enterprise growth. Begin with digitizing your processes, advance to automating your operations, and finally elevate your business with AI-driven autonomization.

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Asista - Delivering AI-Driven Workflow & Automation Platform for your Enterprise

We specialize in guiding businesses through the stages of Digitization, Automation with AI, and Autonomization with AI Agents.

ASISTA is an AI-driven Unified Workflow, Automation & Autonomous Platform that is designed to empower your business to evolve. With the unmatched flexibility offered by it, you can automate your business processes across your enterprise, thus covering 360 degrees of your business needs.

Loyal Customers with increased Lifetime Value

Expedite resolutions to customer requests with ASISTA’s Intelligent Customer Support Ticketing and Workflow Automation capabilities, as well as Conversational AI Chatbots. 

  • Allow customers to utilize their preferred touchpoints for requests
  • Automate customer requests to the right department or workforce
  • Craft a seamless & engaging experience with AI-powered self service
  • Get prompt feedback to improve your service

Efficient & Productive Desk Agent Workforce

Help your desk agents with smart tools that help them resolve customer requests quickly and effectively, such as Request Routing Automation, Self Service, SLA Escalation, Tasks, Timesheets and CSATs.

  • Unified workspace with smart guidance and tools to improve resolution time
  • Speed up work, collaboration and communication across teams 
  • Resolve requests proactively with well defined SLAs
  • Achieve operational efficiency across the request lifecycle

Integrated & Empowered Field Agent Workforce

Make your field service operations more streamlined & efficient by empowering your field agents with a seamless Mobile Application, using which they always fulfill your SLAs.

  • Optimize work planning, dispatching and scheduling in real-time
  • Provide tools and all information needed to resolve jobs quickly
  • Unified view to see the whole history of incidents, job orders, and tasks
  • Provide transparent service by updating statuses on the go

Dedicated & Engaged Employee Workforce

Provide a unified experience to your employees with ASISTA’s Service Management & IT Service Solution. Expand your service management beyond IT services to include HR, Finance, Legal, Facilities and much more, all with one platform!

  • Boost employee satisfaction with a user-friendly centralized service request portal
  • Simplify acquiring support, services and information with self-help tools
  • Resolve employee requests quickly with predefined SLAs
  • Acquire instant feedback from employees to improve their experience

Overall a Happy Management Team

Allow your Management Team to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the overall performance of the organization.

  • Streamline workflow results faster & more economical processes. 
  • Better coordination among team members working on a workflow resulting in faster & more effective, well-informed decisions.
  • Better visibility of process execution. 
  • Eliminate human errors.
  • Greater employee, customer, vendor or channel partner satisfaction.


Our approach begins with digitizing your processes using our Workflow Platform, laying a solid foundation for efficiency and data-driven decision-making.


Next, we advance to automate your operations using our Automation Platform, enhancing productivity and reducing manual workloads.


Finally, we elevate your business to autonomy using our Autonomous Platform, achieving intelligent workflows that operate independently with AI Agents.

Workflow Platform | Asista

Workflow Platform

ASISTA’s Workflow Platform can help you digitize your business processes, such as Customer Service, Field Service, Employee Service, IT Service operations, and other Business Processes.

With use of Forms & No-Code Tools it’s easy to configure workflows for your basic business processes, such as Production, Departmental Operations, Insurance Claims, and Employee Services, to name a few.

Automation Platform | Asista

Automation Platform

ASISTA’s Automation Platform can help you automate simple to  complex business processes of your organization, thus covering 360 degrees of your business needs.

Enhance customer experiences with Conversational AI Chatbots that interface with your enterprise data, and automate your Service Requests, Endpoint Troubleshooting, Self Service, AI Agents​ and other Enterprise Processes.

Automation Platform | Asista

Autonomous Platform

ASISTA’s Autonomous Platform can help you autonomize your business operations by introducing advanced AI capabilities to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and autonomy.

With use of state-of-the-art AI Agents & AI Agency you can autonomously manage and optimize workflows, enhance productivity, minimize manual intervention, and stay ahead in today’s dynamic business landscape.


ASISTA guarantees each enterprise experiences confidentiality, safety, and data protection across the platform. Our thorough application assessments ensures your day-to-day customer engagements are always secure!

Additionally, by adding an extra layer of verification beyond passwords with two-factor authentication (2FA) ensures that your sensitive information always stays safe. 

Kalyan Jewellers Customer | Asista
Fuji Electric
NTT Data
Aditya Birla Grasim

ASISTA has enabled our IT response team to move to centralised support, automated call routing leading to staff optimisation and cost saving and also improved our service response promptness leading to accountable service delivery. This has helped to reach employee centricity & high level of employee delight.

Arul Kirubaharan S

Manager - IT Department, Fuji Electric India Private Limited

We are glad to inform that ASISTA has been instrumental in enabling the IT support team to respond to employees efficiently to resolve their services issues. We have seen a remarkable improvement in CSAT levels due to better responsiveness by the IT support team. 

Raj Keshri

Assistant Manager, Aditya Birla Group - Domestic Textiles Jayashree Textiles | Grasim Industries Limited

We are extremely happy after using ASISTA for our customer operations as ASISTA has been instrumental in enabling out consultants to respond and cater to customer requests and queries efficiently. We have seen a remarkable improvement in Customer Satisfaction as well as Consultant productivity.

Parichay Joshi

Chief Executive Officer, In2IT Enterprise Business Services Pvt Ltd