Release: Asista Chatbot SDKs

Jun 14, 2019 | Updates & News

Our Asista Chatbots are not restricted to the Asista environment only. You can now tap into the power of Asista Chatbots and integrate them in your own custom business application. To help you accomplish this we are happy to release Asista Chatbot SDKs for the Android and iOS platforms.

You can find the documentation for these SDKs in the following links:

What Can You Do With It?

  1. Using these SDKs you can enable your users to interact with your business product or service right from your custom business application.
  2. You can train your custom chatbots with Knowledgebase and FAQs to help them serve your customers better.
  3. Additionally, you can access previous chats, post new messages and execute other basic chatbot functionalities using the SDK.
  4. The SDK comes with a default UI which you can choose to use or you can design your own custom UI that integrates with the SDKs’ service API calls

What are you waiting for?

Our powerful Asista Chatbot’s Android and iOS SDKs are built to allow you to seamlessly integrate Chatbots into your application.

Explore our well-documented SDKs at our Developer Portal to tap into this powerful tool.

You can find the documentation for these SDKs in the following links:

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